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Company Formation

While starting a company formation itís your responsibility to make sure that your company has all requirements to hit the ground running. Before set up business it is better to register it with the Companies House. You will have to set up your companies Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association. Business should be set up according to the shareholders, directors and the company secretary.

Company formation has a company secretary with at least one director. The secretaries job is an administrative job but these duties comprise certification is complete and sent off to the Companies House. They are also dependable for signing off on the business accounts but they are not dependable for what is contained these accounts.

Some of the responsibilities of the secretary are that they do not have a dynamic role in the all day occupation of the business but they are responsible to authenticate documents proceedings with their signature. Some other duties of the secretary should be outline by owners of the company before they nominate one or more like preparing the note and minutes of the meetings that are held by the company, they must also execute the filing of the income at the Companies House.